We specialize in Exterior and rough structural framing of single and multiple story structures.
This framing includes but is not limited to: subflooring,layout, studs, sole plates, top plates, header and end joists, backing, blocking, bracing and framing for openings, ceiling joists, header and end joists, backing, blocking and bracing, rafters, braces, collar beams, ridge boards, roof sheathing.
Whether the framing is a new structure or a remodel need.

We are diligent in weather protection and security to the best of our abilities.  We check our materials to insure the best use of the materials for your framing project.
We are also able to do the structural repairs required for the integrity of your home, basic maintenance and the surface cleaning of your exterior shell. 
We have been involved with the framing aspects of Leeds Certified Construction, one of the units we framed was awarded a Platinum rating in north Portland, Oregon.

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